I produced some additional music for the short film ‚Long Lost‘, directed by Nadia Masri.

Long Lost Christmas Scene

Long Lost Supermarket

Remixed ‚Rae Dawn‘ by Viktor Vaughn (MF DOOM)

Remixed ‚My favorite Ladies‘, classic track by MF Doom

Performing Paul Simon’s Title Song for Louis C.K.’s show ‚Horace and Pete‘

My Entry to Wiener Filmmusikpreis Competition 2015

Das Finstere Tal (A 2014), Regie Andreas Prochaska

Teaser for my upcoming quartet record ‚Unshine‘, featuring Robert Unterköfler on tenor sax, Robin Gadermaier on bass and Valentin Duit on drums, recorded and mixed by Alexander Yannilos in Vienna:

‚Wrong Kid‘ performing my ‚Playground Cheers Suite‘, featuring Alex Kranabetter – trumpet, Felician Erlenburg – alto sax, Andi Lachberger – tenor sax, Georg Schrattenholzer – trombone, Julius Heise – vibraphone, Stephan Plecher – piano, Judith Ferstl – bass, Andi Seper – drums, and me – guitar, composition and additional percussion:

solo guitar: